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A Quilt of a Country By Anna Quindlen. America is an improbable idea, a mongrel nation built of ever-changing disparate parts, it is held together by a notion, the notion that all men are created equal, though everyone knows that most men consider themselves better than someone. "Of all the nations in the world, the United
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'A Quilt of a Country' is a commentary by Anna Quindlen for ''Newsweek'' on the diversity of America, as well as the unity that came in the wake of attacks against Americans on September 11, 2001. In this lesson, we'll learn more about this article.
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A Quilt of a Country by Anna Quinlen A Close Reading General Understandings • Overall view • Sequence of information • Story arc • Main claim and evidence • Gist of passage General Understandings in 9th Grade What is the main idea of the essay? What is her major idea? Anna Quindlen's “A Quilt of a Country” (2001)
A quilt of a country anna quindlen essay. Main ne apne ghar ke sehan mein mewon ke aur aam, lemon aur kinon aur jaman ke darakht lagaye hain aur kayariyan bana kar har qisam ki mausmi tarkari ki kasht shuru kar di hai jis se mujhe khatar khawa amdani ho rahi hai is ke ilawa gulan ke podon se mujhe apne gulab ke
argument. counterargument. thesis. Question 17. 30 seconds. Quindlen makes the point that ______ has always been apart of the United States. love. immigration. hate. fairness. Question 18. 30 seconds. "A Quilt of a Country" was written by... Ada Quacker. Anna Quindlen. Andy Quest. Ally Quirky. Question 19. 30 seconds.
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